Beckstrom Electric strives to provide a better quality of life to its employees by empowering them through education, and molding them to be industry leaders. Through Beckstrom's Accredited Apprenticeship Program, the employees have the perfect opportunity to join Beckstrom's mission and better their lives and advance their career. Beckstrom Electric provides various services needed for anyone who wants to build, fix, or prevent loss, anything that requires a commercial electrician, Beckstrom can take care of your needs

Beckstrom apprenticeship introduction

Beckstrom Electric's Accredited Apprenticeship Program

Receive training directly from Beckstrom Electric through our accredited Apprenticeship Program supplied by Mike Holt. Make money while you learn, and earn your training through our in house program taught right here in our Purcellville, VA office. The class meets once a week for 4 hours immediately following the work day.

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Beckstrom Electric employees working with a 3d CAD program on the computer.

Beckstrom's Accredited Apprenticeship Program Benefits

Earn while you learn! Opposed to the traditional, four year education institutions, Beckstrom allows you to begin your career while still in the education process. Instead of racking up thousands upon thousands of dollars of debt at a university, Beckstrom will give you the incentive to receive your accredited apprenticeship education for free upon graduation of the program.

  1. Learn while you earn
  2. Tuition reimbursement
  3. Extensive hands on opportunity

Advanced Foreman Training

Beckstrom's advanced in-house training program is recommended for employees that demonstrate leadership characteristics and a strong knowledge of the industry. The program consists of six in house classes aimed to mold the next set of job site foreman. These classes consists of lessons regarding project startup and pre-planning, material and employee management, job closeouts, proper project documentation, and leadership tactics. Additional classes are available for electronic documentation skills and utilizing brand new industry field technology.