Preventative Maintenance

Beckstrom Electric can help you prevent unwanted outages that can cost you valuable time and money, we like to call it Predictive Services. Let us help keep you up and running.

Electrical equipment failures disrupt business operations and account for millions of dollars of damage each year. This can be prevented with routine preventative maintenance performed by Beckstrom Electric’s highly trained electricians. We use state of the art equipment and the latest diagnostic techniques designed to keep your electrical systems free from failure. Having been trained in Arc Flash safety per NFPA 70E standards, you can rest assured our licensed electricians will perform maintenance safely. In addition to a detailed written report, we provide an easy to use software solution called EMX. EMX provides a searchable inventory of your electrical distribution components collected by our technicians.

Preventaive maintenance methods include:

  • Infrared Thermography
  • Ground Fault Testing
  • Power Quality Surveys
  • True RMS Voltage and Current Monitoring
  • Breaker Injection Testing
  • Megger Testing
  • Transformer Maintenance and Testing
  • De-energized services including cleaning and torquing
Man in protective suit while working on a high voltage electrical assembely
Preventative Maintenance Services

State of the art equipment and the latest in diagnostic techniques.

Top reasons to perform electrical maintenance

  1. Avoid property damage
  2. Extend useful life of assets
  3. Reduce business interruption costs
  4. Allows facility to be repaired at the convenience of the staff and tenants
  5. Electrical Engineering
  6. Minimize safety and liability risks
  7. Fulfills insurance carrier requirements